Finishing a Basement: Planning a Basement Recreation Room

recreation room
  • 16-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-5,000

When you have a large basement that's not being put to use, chances are you're going to have some plans for it. You may want to build an office, a bar, or a basement recreation room.

Do you want to keep your kids, their friends, and possibly even your friends entertained for hours on end? Chances are you do, so in this article, we're going to cover how to build your very own basement recreation room.


Consider where people are going to sit when they're not playing at the game tables or standing in celebration. The first piece of furniture is a couch. The couch is probably where most of your video gaming is going to happen, so you want to position it just right.

Next is your television. All you have to do is make it accommodate the couch. Consider other furniture, such as chairs and a large table. Place the table between the couch and the television so that you have a place for food and drinks while you're gaming or watching television.

The Game Tables

No recreation room is complete without a game table of some kind. It can be anything from a pool table to air hockey, but the most popular game table is foosball.

Place your game table near the couch, but leave enough space for a walkway. Game tables occupy the same amount of space as a couch. Consider the room each player needs when playing the game. For example, people playing pool need enough room to properly hit the ball.

Video Game Systems

You can't have a proper recreation room without a video game system. The game console of choice is the Xbox360 by Microsoft, thanks to the new “Kinect” technology, the Xbox360 will soon offer all of its own games and graphics in addition to the same motion capture software offered by the Nintendo Wii.

When it comes to game systems in your recreation room, have a system that offers ports for more than 2 players and the Xbox360 does just that. Other systems typically require you to buy additional ports in order to accommodate more than 2 players.

Food and Drinks

When people are playing in a recreation room, they'll want snacks. Although this isn't absolutely necessary, it does enhance the entire game room experience.