4 Options for Finishing Basement Steps

basement staircase

If you are wondering how to go about finishing basement steps, you may not realize just how many different options there are. There are a number of different ways to finish basement steps. Which type you choose will depend upon the materials you have used for your basement and how much money you have left to spend finishing them. Deciding between the different options may seem like a daunting task, but once you understand what your options are, you should be able to find the right option for you.

1. Carpeting

The clear choice for concrete or cement steps to your basement is to add carpet. Doing so serves two purposes. First, it protects your staircase against the weight of feet coming down into and out of the basement. It also ensures that the stairs are not too cold to step upon, particularly in winter.

If you have solid steps and live in an area with many cold periods, then you should consider carpeting above everything else. You can choose to carpet basement stairs in much the same way as you would your flight between the ground and first floors. The only downside is that fully carpeted stairs can be difficult for the amateur to manage, and you may have to have someone install the carpet for you.

2. Carpet Runners

As a slightly cheaper alternative to plain carpeting, you might want to consider carpet runners. Carpet runners are used to cover the middle of the stairs. They are very useful when you are adding the finishing touches to your stairs. Runners use small metal stoppers on each side of the stair to keep the carpet in place. You can purchase them from your local home improvement store or a carpet showroom. You can fit them yourself quite easily.

3. Paint and Varnish

If wooden stairs have been installed, then painting and varnishing them is something you can easily finish. You can purchase wood finishing varnish from hardware and home improvement stores. They will make your wooden stairs bright and shiny and add a layer of protection to wooden basement stairs, which will help prevent rust and rot.

4. Painting Options

As an alternative to varnishing the stairs, you might consider painting them. Paints for wood can be bought in a variety of colors and makes. Look for vinyl paint, which will support the wood while adding an attractive sheen.

If you do choose to paint your basement stairs, then you might consider adding a different color for your risers and treads. Doing so will enhance the look of your stairs, as well as add depth to the staircase.