Finishing Mahogany Wood

What You'll Need
5/0 sandpaper
Extra Fine Sand Paper
Wood Block and Hammer
Soft Cotton Cloth
Alkyd-resin based stain-sealer solution
Clear Stain

Using a stain finish on your mahogany wood will increase its life span and protect it against insect attacks. In fact, there are a variety of finishes to choose from, ranging from oil to latex resin-based paint. However, before attempting to give a finish to your mahogany wood, it is important to assess its condition and take care of any damages prior to applying any finish.


Step 1 – Sand the Surface

First of all you need to prepare the wood surface for the application of both primer and stain finish. So get your 5/0 sandpaper and lightly pass the entire surface to remove any handling marks and fingerprints.

Step 2 – Align the Wood

Secondly you need to take good care that all wood pieces are well aligned. By using your wood block and hammer, firmly and steadily knock any dislodged pieces back in place. Make sure to hit the wood block with your hammer and not the mahogany surface itself because that will only create further damage.

Step 3 – Preparation

In order to prepare the wood for the application of the primer you now need to properly dust the mahogany surface. So use a rag and wipe the wood to remove any dust particles from the surface.

Step 4 – Applying a Clear Stain and Sealer Mixture

Now you can start working on the finish. The first thing you need to do is to apply a stain finish and sealer mixture to the wood surface so that you can fill up pores properly. Get the alkyd-resin based stain-sealer solution and apply it on the surface with a paintbrush. Move only in the direction of the wood grain and reach to the end. When it is completely covered with stain-sealer solution you can use the soft cotton cloth to decrease the amount of solution on your wood to the desired level. Now let the stain dry at least overnight.

Step 5 – Applying the Clear Stain

Now you can apply the next coats. You should use oil, alkyd resin, polyurethane resin or latex resin-based clear finish. Again use the paintbrush to apply the stain, and a soft cotton cloth to decrease the stain solution levels on the wood. Then use an extra fine grit sand paper to lightly sand the wood after the solution has dried. After you have sanded the wood you should dust the wood and repeat this step to apply at least another two coats.

Step 6 – Finishing Up

Once the final coat has dried it is important to sand it again with your fine sand paper to create a smooth and even finish. Then wipe all the surfaces to completely get rid of all the dust particles.


Finishing mahogany wood is a relatively easy task which needs only some patience. You have a great variety of stain choices to pick from and if you do not want a clear finish, you can always resort to your imagination and use latex resin-based outdoor grate paint on top of an oil-based primer instead of the clear stain-sealer finish in step 4 and the clear finish in step 5.