Finishing Window Trim: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Finishing window trim to give your house that extra special character is a project you can very likely do if you have the right tools. If you don't own these special finishing tools, try renting. Then, use the information below to complete your special window trim project.

Practice Accurate Miter Cuts

The challenge of installing your window trim is to get good mitered joints. If you have no experience making these joints, try practicing on scrap lumber. You can usually get these scraps free at a lumber yard.

Fitting Corners

Even with accurate miter cuts, fitting corners together can be tricky. Especially on walls that are not perfectly smooth. The slight tilt of your trim that is caused by an uneven wall will throw make your joints fit unevenly. If you have space beneath your trim molding as you fit 2 pieces together at a corner, slide a shim under one of the pieces to move it out from the wall. Then when your pieces are fastened together, fill the gap with caulk.

Pre-Painted Trim

Making accurate corners with trim that has been painted can also cause problems in fitting your corners together. You can solve this problems by cutting away any dried paint on the face of the joint that is mitered.