Fireplace Glass Replacement Step-by-Step

Undertaking fireplace glass replacement, yourself is a fairly simple procedure, requiring a few tools and the ability to follow instructions. Be sure to follow these instructions because an improper replacement can allow heat to escape.

In order to replace the fireplace glass, you will first have to remove the old glass before you can install the new glass. Before you begin, have the new glass pane(s) ready on hand, unless of course you don’t know the dimensions. If this is the case, remove the old panes, being careful to keep them in tact and take to a fireplace store to have them replaced. Fireplaces use a special tempered glass designed for high temperatures, so do not replace them with standard glass!

Materials Needed:

Phillips head screwdriver
Work gloves
Replacement Glass

    Step 1-Locate Brackets

    Locate the two L-shaped brackets at the bottom of the glass doors. These brackets secure the glass to the frame.

    Step 2-Unscrew Brackets

    Using your screwdriver, unscrew each of the four screws from the brackets. The glass panes are now being held in place from the top by what are known as lintel clamps.

    Step 3-Loosen Clamps

    Using your pliers, carefully loosen the screw securing the clamps to the panes. While you do this, support the glass from the bottom either using your free hand or something else to ensure they don’t quickly fall out and get damaged once loose.

    Step 4-Unclamp Glass Panes

    Unclamp the glass panes from the lintel bar, the top horizontal metal bar. Use both hands to do this while supporting the glass from the bottom with something secure. You may have to tilt the glass to get it unclamped.

    Step 5-Remove Glass

    Remove the glass from the frame.

    Step 6-Position the New Panes

    Slightly tilt the new panes and position them into location where they may be clamped to the lintel bar.

    Step 7-Secure Clamps

    While supporting the glass from the bottom, secure the clamps with the thumbscrew, tightening the glass into place. Use pliers to achieve the proper pressure.

    Step 8-Replace Brackets

    Replace the brackets at the bottom of the panes, screwing back in each of the screws to secure the glass to the lower frame.

    Step 9-Check Your Work

    Make sure all pieces are replaced properly and the glass panes are secure.