Fish Pond Algae Removal Tips

Pond algae removal is important for the proper maintenance of ponds, particularly new ones. Overgrowth of algae is more common in newly built ponds because the balance between animal and plant life in new ponds is yet to be achieved. Although there are some types of pond algae that can help improve the pond system, there are also those that are detrimental to the health of your fish. Luckily, there are ways in which you can control algae infestation in your fish pond.

Install Proper Equipment

In order to prevent algae from blooming, you need to install a pump in your pond. Just make sure that the pump will be able to move no less than half of the water volume in the pond.

Apart from a pump, an Ultraviolet (UV) clarifier or sterilizer can also be installed to eradicate algae problems. The UV rays can effectively kill single-celled algae.

Do Regular Clean Ups

Raking string algae and blanket weed regularly is part of the proper maintenance techniques used in preventing the proliferation of algae. Removing food particles that were not consumed by the fish is also essential in preventing algae problems. You see, nutrients from fish food are also considered as a food source of algae.