Fish Pond Fountain Installation In 7 Steps

A fish pond fountain can add a lot of appeal to your pond. It can also help provide necessary oxygen for your fish and increase their lifespan. Most fountains can be installed with just the use of regular hand tools. Once you have chosen a fountain that meets your design requirements, you are ready to begin installing it.

Steps to Successful Installation

1.)    Attach your fish pond fountain filter and skimmer to the pump. You will need to read owners manual to determine which fittings are required for your personal pump. It is important to make sure the fittings are properly inserted and the proper size.

2.)    Decide where the ideal location is for your fish pond fountain. Then, measure the water depth of this location.

3.)    Find a bowl or a pot that is able to sufficiently hold your fountain. Then, drill a hole in the bottom for your tubing.

   Feed the tubing for the pump through the bowl and attach it to the pump.

 Use a small shovel to remove any dirt or debris from the pond where you are installing the fish pond fountain.

 Place the bowl or pot in the bottom of the pond. Add rocks to the bowl until you are sure the bowl will not move or shift.

7.)    Adjust your fountain until it is level with your water surface. Turn the fish pond fountain on and ensure that it works properly. You should have a pleasing, even flow of water spraying from the fountain.