Fish Tank Water Pump Basics

An aquarium.

While a fish tank water pump is not an absolute necessity, it is recommended that you use one in an aquarium that is 10 gallons or more. Pumps create bubbles in the tank, adding to the oxygen in the water. But this is not all they do. Pumps serve a number of purposes, each of them important in their own right.

Breathe Easy

As already mentioned, a fish tank water pump will create bubbles and increase the oxygen level in the tank. Fish need well-oxygenated water in order to breathe easy, so having a pump will help ensure that your fish don’t suffer because of the amount of oxygen in the tank.

Things Get Dirty

A fish tank water pump will pull the water out of the tank through a tube, and then run it back into the aquarium. If you are using an external pump that sits on the back of the tank, it will also filter out waste that would ordinarily gather in the aquarium. Essentially the pump will clean up the large majority of uneaten fish food and fish waste, and make your aquarium cleaner and easier to live in for your fish.

Snazzy Digs

The bubbles that are produced by the pumps look cool and make our tank more visually appealing. They can add a layer of fun to the tank for your fish too, as quite a few varieties like to swim through and play in the bubbles.