Fishing With Lures on Lakes, Rivers, and Streams

Fishing with lures is one of the best ways to catch fish. However, there is a wide variety of lures available today and it may seem confusing to decide which lure to use when fishing in a lake, river or stream. Freshwater fishing is one of the most favorite sports by most anglers and there is a multitude of lures that you can use.

Types of Lures

Lures can generally be divided into several categories. Stickbaits are the cigar-shaped lures that are either made from wood, soft or hard plastic. This type of lure is often moved side to side. Prop baits on the other hand, also known as fizzers, have the same look as a stickbait but with a propeller attached at both ends or on the rear. This type of lure often creates a flurry of water movement making it hard for bigger fish to resist.

Lake Fishing

Lakes are generally deeper than a pond and the fish living in these lakes often feed on streamers or insects. The best types of lure to use then, if you plan to go fishing in a lake, are those that resemble these streamers.

Brightly colored lures can also work in lake fishing. Trout, salmon and bass are often more attracted to colorful lures so there is a great chance of strike if a colorful lure is used.

River Fishing

It is advisable to use a heavier lure if you plant to fish in a small and fast moving river. On the other hand, if you plan to fish in a small river, a lighter lure is more suitable. However, it is important to check on the regulations when it comes to river fishing, because there are certain rivers that have a more restricted policy when it comes to the type of tackle or bait fishermen should use. Some states require anglers to use only artificial lures with a single hook.

When fishing in rivers, always cast your line upstream, allowing your lure to move along the current making it appear more natural. In essence, you are tricking the fish in thinking that the lure is food. Another reason for casting your line upstream is that most river fish or trout wait downstream for food to flow towards them. So, casting your lure downstream will put it behind the fish instead of going towards it.

Stream Fishing

Fishing with lures in streams is generally hassle-free. It is advisable to use lures that match the color and size of the bait that is in the stream. Fishing with a smaller lure will guarantee you with some fish. However, you can also use a lure that is a little bit larger, if you want to catch some larger bass.

If you plan to fish after there have been rain for days, you may want to use lures that are a lot brighter in color and those that make some noise. This is to allow the fish to see and hear your lure even if the stream is a little muddy due to the rain.