Five Closet Shoe Organization Ideas

Closet shoe organization can be a challenge for many people. Shoes tend to clutter the bottom of a closet, and it can be difficult to find the pair you need. Here are some simple ideas to keep your closet organized without shoes all over the place.

Hanging Organizer

If you don’t have a lot of shoes, but just enough to cause clutter on the floor, then you may want to consider adding a hanging organizer to your closet. These can be found in cubby hole styles, or plastic sheets with pockets in them. The room you have available to hang items in your closet will determine if this is the right option for you. Most of the time these will be able to accommodate six to ten pairs of shoes.

Shoe Tree

If you have a lot of shoes and don’t have a place to put them, consider adding a shoe tree to your closet. These are exactly what they sound like. They are tall poles with numerous hooks placed through out the pole. Most of the models will spin for ease of access. These can be a great space saver and allow you to get those shoes off the floor and in a neat and orderly space.

Over Door Organizers

If space is an constraint in your closet then a behind the door organizer will probably be your best bet. These will fit right on the door to your closet using hooks that slide over the top of the door. In most cases they are clear plastic style pouches that you can fit one pair in to each pouch. These are great for people who have many pairs of shoes but very little space.

Use Clear Acrylic Boxes

Most women have several pairs of dress shoes that don’t get much wear. These will end up just sitting on the closet floor and creating clutter. You can take shoes that aren’t worn often and place them in to small clear acrylic boxes. Use one box for each pair. Place the boxes on a high shelf that doesn’t get much use. This will keep the shoes that don’t get used a lot out of the way, but still provide a neat and clean storage option.

Mix and Match These Options

Many people will find the best storage options by using a few of these ideas. You can get clear boxes for rarely used shoes, a behind the door pouch system for tennis shoes, and a cedar tree for your every day shoes. The behind the door systems work well in children’s rooms, and shoe trees work well for anyone. Play around with the options until you’ve found a storage option that works best for your needs