Five Game Room Ideas For Young Children

Here are five game room ideas to consider when designing a play space for young children. Keep the colors bright, keep the room organized, use space wisely, add their personal touches and make it fun!

Use of Colors

This is the one room in your home where you can really exaggerate bright colors. Don't be afraid to throw a lot of different colors on the different features of this room. Kids are drawn to brightness. Think of the way a box of crayons is enticing.

If you don't want a whole wall of bright color, add a chair rail and a half-wall of chalkboard paint. This will add fun and tone down the brightness. Set out chalk in many different colors to allow kids to safely decorate their space at will.

Paint each wall in a primary color. Paint stripes of different colors throughout the room. Experiment with paint. You could paint the walls a neutral color with different colored bubbles on top. Stencil on designs or shapes. Paint is the cheapest way to transform a plain room into a kid's wonderland.


In this room, it should be easy for kids to get to their games and toys and put them away after use. Keep things at a height kids can reach. Get down on your knees to assess the right height.

Label bins that hold toys with pictures and words so children can identify where to find what they are looking for and where to return it. Instead of one big toy box with everything thrown in, get small bins and organize items by theme, like markers and board games.

Use of Space

Clutter tends to gather in the middle of kids' rooms. To prevent this, place a small table and chairs in the middle. It will provides a nice surface for coloring and games.

Make sure you leave enough floor space for play. Designate a play rug. This can be a place to bring games and toys to, but must be cleared after play is done.

Shelves are a good way to organize bins. Theu can be used as decorative items and provide many storage options. Get bins that are colorful or have designs that appeal to kids.

Special Touches

When designing this room, make your kids a part if it. Ask them to make artwork to frame and hang on the wall. Use their handprints and footprints as decorative touches. Paint their hands and use them as a border mid-wall. Take their feet and help them walk on the ceiling with them. Mount their names to the wall with wood letters. Really make them feel that this is their room. They will love telling people they helped decorate it.

Make it Fun!

This is the one room that is supposed to awe the children. Remember what would make you feel amazed as a child. If your child loves trains, incorporate tracks throughout the room. Loves animals? This is the one room you can have a monkey hanging from the ceiling.

Exaggerate ideas. If you do a jungle theme, cover the ceiling with faux leaves. The more the room feels like an escape, the more fun they are sure to have.