Five Pellet Stove Accessories You Need

Keep these pellet stove accessories to keep your appliance looking great and working properly.

1. An Ash Vacuum

Although pellet stoves produce much less ash than standard woodburning stoves (and with the right pellets, produce very little ash at all), an ash vacuum will still be very handy. This machine is engineered to remove warm or cold ashes safely. It traps the fine dust, keeping it contained so it doesn't cover the room.

There are no bags to fill or empty, and since it is made of fire-retardant material, there is no danger of fire as there would be if you tried to use a standard vacuum.

2. Fireplace Tool Kits

A kit may include things you won't use often (like a poker) and things that will get heavy use (like a brush and shovel). Tool kits come in a wide variety of styles and finishes that look great next to your pellet stove. Buy a kit especially if you opt against the ash vacuum.

3. Pellet Stove Cleaning Systems

Pellet stoves need to be cleaned annually. Avoid hiring a professional by using your own cleaning system.

The most effective type is a rotary cleaner with a stiff, plastic brush that attaches to your electric drill. Look for one with extensions that will allow you to go all the way through the piping and flexible brushes for making bends in the piping. Use a long-handled brush to reach up by hand and scrape soot and ash.

4. Pellet Hopper Extensions

Pellet stoves are extremely efficient appliances and use pellets quite slowly. However, with a pellet hopper extension, you can make that slow burn last even longer. This accessory can nearly double the amount of pellets a wood stove can hold, thereby doubling the days you can go without having to refill the fuel.

Hopper extensions are often brand-specific, so you may need to contact your specific brand dealer.

5. Warmer and Steamers

There are many stove top potpourri or scent warmers that sit on the top of a pellet stove and infuse a home with wonderful smells. The warmers come in many styles and colors, and can usually use a variety of potpourri or liquid scents.

Steamers are lovely cast iron or coated enamel pots with filigreed or open lids that allow water to warm on the pellet stove and release humidity into the air. This makes things more comfortable for those living in the home.