Five Tips for Cleaning a Gazebo Roof

Like everything else, your gazebo roof needs cleaning every now and then. Considering the fact that it is outside braving the elements all year round it comes as no wonder that it will have layers and layers of dirt and grime, bird droppings and dust. Although cleaning the gazebo roof isn’t the easiest thing on earth, with the right tools and mind frame it can become a reasonably quick job.

1. Polyester, Wood and Hard Roofs

If you have a traditional gazebo, then its roofing will be made of polyester, wood or even metal. Although this may be considered even more aesthetically pleasing than other roofing solutions, it may be a bit problematic for cleaning. In fact, washing it with a non-biological detergent and water will do absolutely no good, especially if you are trying to remove a year’s worth of grime. Therefore, the most important thing about hard roof gazebos is to actually clean them every season to avoid major buildup of dirt.

2. Invest In A Sturdy Ladder or Scaffolding

To remove dirt you will need either a ladder or scaffolding, depending on how high the roof goes. If you are using a ladder, make sure to enlist a helping hand to hold the ladder for you.

3. Scrub The Dirt Off

To clean the roof and get rid of every bit of dirt, you definitely need to scrub it off. So to facilitate things it is recommended to actually use mild detergent and a soft-haired broom with a long handle. Obviously you will have to always start from the peak of the roof and move downwards in the direction of the slope. It is very important to always wear protective eyewear and gloves, even more so if you are using bleach solutions.

4. Fabric Roofs

A more recent trend in outdoor gazebo roofing are fabric roofs. These may seem a bit easier to wash but may still need scrubbing. You will definitely have to bring it down and lay it on a flat area for scrubbing. It is ideal to never use straight bleach and water to remove mildew because that will only weaken the fabric. Consider using dishwashing liquid as a cleaning agent, because this is a strong enough detergent and doesn’t damage materials. It is advisable to use 3 cups of dishwashing liquid with a gallon of water.

5. Machine Wash If It Is Small Enough

If your gazebo fabric roof is small enough you can actually give it a wash in your washing machine; however, you still need to rescrub it in case there is any mildew left.

These are the most important tips and considerations for cleaning gazebo roofs. Remember that the most important tip of all is to clean the gazebo’s roof regularly to avoid major dirt buildup. The best thing to do is always prevention, because, unless you properly take care of the dirt, you will only have to scrub more and harder when you decide to clean it.