Five Tips for Installing Gazebo Tops

You should make sure to get the most appropriate gazebo tops when building gazebos in your garden or outdoor area in order to enjoy your gazebo to the fullest extent. However, you should remember some tips before you install a new gazebo top.

1 – Choosing the Correct Size

You can purchase a set of gazebos today and it is very likely that you might confuse the tops of these gazebos with one another. Always remember to take the measurements of the gazebo before you purchase and install the top of your gazebo. Also, you need to do this if you would like to replace the old gazebo top with a new one.

If the top needs replacement, measure it along with the height, diameter and perimeter of the gazebo. Now when you arrive at the store, compare the dimensions of the gazebo with the tops that there are in the store, and finally select the one that matches your gazebo.

2 – Finding the Manufacturer

When you decide to replace your old gazebo with a new one, first it is very sensible to check the same manufacturer you purchased the gazebo. This will help you to find the exact model you need. If you wish a different design but need the same size, the original manufacturer will be the best choice.

3 – Installing Mosquito Netting

Whenever you install a new gazebo top, make sure that it is armored with mosquito netting so that you will not suffer from insect bites during your free time in the gazebo. If you wish to have a barbecue in your outdoor area, keep in mind that the odor of cooked food lures many uninvited insects. But if your gazebo has an installation of mosquito netting around it, this serves as a protective barrier against pestering mosquitoes and other insects.

4 – Buying a UV Resistant Gazebo Top

Extreme weather conditions are hazardous to gazebo tops and often the main cause of damaging them. The strong heat of the sun may damage your gazebo and cause it to wear away in a short period of time. For this reason, make sure that the gazebo of your choice is made of material that is resistant to sunlight.

5 – Avoiding Cheap Gazebo Tops

Avoid purchasing a gazebo top that is made from cheap material. If you buy cheaply, the gazebo top will not be very strong and the weather will easily damage it. Keep in mind that the top of a gazebo may be exposed to such meteorological conditions as rain, wind, snow and direct sunlight, therefore its material should be strong enough to resist this kind of weather. When you pay a visit to a store to find a new gazebo top, consider checking the moderate as well as the higher priced products.