Five Tools to Help You Tackle Spring Cleaning

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1. Your Very Own Steam Cleaner

This is that special time of year when you commit to going the extra mile with your cleaning. Sure, you sweep, vacuum, and scrub on a regular basis but when it’s time to really dig in, only a solid steam clean will do the trick. And now there are affordable products that can be used on all of your surfaces – inside and out. The HAAN MultiforcePro SS25* is a good pick. It’s a steam cleaner designed for cleaning, scrubbing and buffing using CR-motion™ technology, which enhances the natural pull-and-push motion of standard steam mops by adding a powerful scrubbing motion. This allows you to select the perfect setting depending on the mess or surface and kills 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria and dust mites. It’s also a chemical free, natural, safe and environmentally friendly home cleaning option.

A steam cleaner.

2. A Monster of a Vacuum

Vacuuming is an essential part of the spring cleaning process. Unfortunately, if you’re like us, the thought of pulling out your giant vacuum and getting tangled in a web of cords can easily dissuade you from getting the job done. This is where hand vacuums come in. We had the pleasure of trying out the Euroflex Monster 600XL Vacuum* with the goal of finding a vacuum that’s easy to store, assemble and maneuver around the house, all without sacrificing good suction. With the power to transform from a hand vacuum to a stick vacuum, the compact size of the vacuum definitely does not compromise its versatility. It comes with a wide selection of attachments to get any job done and we found that going from cleaning the inside of your car to cleaning your living room was just a matter of switching out a few pieces. Overall we definitely recommend the Monster Vacuum for those looking for a quick and easy option to clean up around the house.

3. An Air Purifying Friend

It’s hard to get excited about spring when you have terrible allergies. While everyone is outdoors enjoying the great weather, you’re trapped inside sneezing up a storm. This can make spring cleaning extra difficult due to all the dust you’re kicking up in the air. Fortunately, we have just the answer to your allergy ailments: the Delonghi AC 230 air purifier*.

It’s extremely easy to set up out of the box and getting it running is just a matter of selecting the speed and time (1, 3, 4 or 8 hours). You’ll be surprised at just how quiet it is, and staying in a room with it running is no problem.

Have a room filled with animal hair and dust, AKA, an allergy sufferer’s nightmare? Set it for 2 hours and go relax. When you return the air will be crisp and clean.

Air purifier

4. A Scratch-Free Cleaner

Looking for a one-size-fits-all cleaning pad? The Dobie is your answer! These affordable and easy-to-use cleaning pads can be used on a number of surfaces without leaving a scratch. When you’re in need of a quick cleaning solution around the house, but you don’t want to break out the heavy machinery, these cleaning pads will work great and give any room in the house a clean shine without cleaning out your wallet.

Scratch-free Cleaning

5. A Weeding Buddy

Not all spring cleaning is limited to the house. It’s important to keep your yard in tip-top shape as well if you don’t want your backyard to turn into a jungle. The Weed Zinger, a device that makes pulling weeds extremely easy and time efficient, seems to be a great answer to spring yard maintenance. It requires no bending, kneeling, or lifting, so it’s great for those with limited mobility. Using this eco-friendly tool allows your yard to be free of chemicals and your hands to stay clean. Operating the Weed Zinger could not be any easier because of the "step, twist and zing" methodology. The Weed Zinger grabs the weed and its roots from all types of soils, even heavy clay. Clever packaging includes a large tri-fold backstop with a "bulls-eye" in the middle, allowing the operator to "Zing" the weed up to 6 feet away into a waste container.

Check out this demonstration video on YouTube:

*Product sample provided for review.