Tips to Help You Save Money When Finishing a Basement

finished basement

There is no need to spend a lot of money when finishing a basement. The finishing work generally entails dealing with water and electric lines, adding insulation, and installing finishing materials such as flooring.

Planning the Finishing Project

Plan your basement project. Perhaps you would like to make a bedroom or recreation room in your basement. In this case, you will definitely save money. On the other hand, if your basement happens to have some problems related to moisture, you will have to pay extra expenses in order to rid your basement of that moisture. Call a professional foundation contractor immediately if you discover any water leaking in your basement.

Selecting the Finishing Method

There is an entire list of techniques that you can choose to finish your basement. Many of them can be used cheaply. Linoleum tile and carpeting are two of the many economical flooring materials available; however, the cheapest way to finish basement floors is by painting them. Paint the concrete floor of your basement and decorate it with a rug when the paint has dried completely.

Insulating the Basement

You can also install insulation in your basement to moderate the temperature, but you must remember that the basement is the most insulated area in the entire house. That is because the masonry walls around your basement are approximately 8-inches thick. Use lumber to create frames for your masonry walls and fix the drywall onto them. If your contractor installed plumbing in your basement when your house was being built, you can choose to build a bathroom there.

Aligning the Water Pipes and Electric Wires

If you align the wires and pipes properly, you will save more money. The water pipes and electric wires are usually located between the joists of the ceiling. Inspect your basement’s pattern of pipes and wires and align them correspondingly.

If you have a bathroom above the basement and you want to install another one in your basement economically, put it directly below the original one so that you won't have to install new water pipes. Water pipe installation costs a lot of money because the pipe must be long enough to run the distance from the water supply to the new bathroom in your basement. Instead of installing a new pipe, you will just add an extra branch to the water pipe that belongs to your original bathroom.

Installing a Drop Ceiling

To access the mechanical system of your basement more easily, install acoustical tiles as well as a dropped ceiling.