Fix Folding Closet Doors and Prevent Further Problems

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Wooden Dowel
Wood Glue
Replacement Doors

Folding closet doors are popular choices for bedrooms, pantries and laundry rooms. Fix problems quickly prevent more damage to the door or the track. Take a closer look a doors that frequently stick or wobble, forcing you to pull them free.

Fix a Door That Wobbles

  1. Gently lift the panel up to remove the door from the track. It should just slide out.
  2. Use pliers to remove the pivot pin. 
  3. Use a wooden dowel to measure and drill the pivot hole in the closet door to match.
  4. Glue the dowel into the new pivot hole. Allow this to dry completely before continuing. 
  5. Once dried, cut the dowel to level with the door.
  6. Drill another hole for the pivot pin. A new pin may be necessary if the old one is damaged.
  7. Replace the door on the track by lining it up and lifting in into the track. It should not wobble anymore.

Replace a Broken Panel

  1. Remove the door from the track by gently lifting on it. The door should just slide out.
  2. Start taking the hardware off of the broken panel. Remove the hinge with a drill.
  3. With the door now free from the hinge and off the track you can get a proper measurement. Take the measurement with you to purchase the new panel in a standard color.
  4. Paint or stain the door with the same color as the rest of the panels. If you can’t get a match, you can always paint the other panels as well. This will give you a seamless look.
  5. Using your tape measure, get accurate measurements for the location of the hardware. Drill holes according to the precise measurements.
  6. Attach the door to the hardware on the track, and hang the panel back up using the same method you used to remove the door.