Fix Your Hanging Closet Bar

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
Hanging bar(s)

A hanging closet bar is one of the essential elements in almost any closet. If you discover that your hanging bar is broken or not able to support all of your clothing, then you may need to replace it or install an adjunct hanging bar. Here is how to fix and replace a hanging closet bar.

Step 1 – Replace Wall Supports

First you need to remove the old bar and supports from the closet.

Find the wall studs. If the supports were initially hung correctly, you should be able to easily detect studs where they were attached. If you cannot easily determine where the studs are located, then you will need to use a stud finder to locate the studs, since you will need to hang the new supports from studs.

Attach the new supports to the walls, firmly anchoring them with wall screws into the studs. You will probably need to install a minimum of two supports to the back wall of the closet, so make sure that you install them so that they are level. You can determine this by first measuring the place you want to install the supports, making a pencil mark on the wall and then using a yard level to double check the level. You can also temporarily anchor the supports to the wall and place the bar up and check the level before firmly attaching the supports to the back wall.

Step 2- Measure Your Closet

Measure the inside of your closet to determine the length of the bar. In some cases, you may decide that instead of replacing the existing bar, you want to install a completely new closet organizer system. If you are just replacing an existing bar, then all you will need to do is slide it into place.

Step 3 – Replace Hanging Bar

Once you have the supports firmly in place, then you can easily replace the actual hanging bar. In many cases, you can simply purchase a replacement bar at your local home improvement center.

If you have decided to install a new closet organizer system, measure the interior width of the closet and the available height of the closet. Some options include adding a secondary hanging bar at a different height.

Carefully follow the installation instructions for your new closet organizer.