Fixing Electric Fence Wire

electric fence wire

Electric fences are circuits which work on simple principles and so when the electric fence wire breaks, the circuit is damaged and should be repaired at the earliest moment. Otherwise, the fence will not be able to do its job effectively. In theory, fixing the wires is simple and can even be done intuitively. However, in practice a number of issues can crop up that require deft handling. For example, long winding fences will be harder to fix and the same is the case when dealing with tree lines. The best way to keep the fence working is by running routine maintenance work.

Turn Power Off

It almost goes without saying that before commencing any "hands on" work on the fence, it is important that the power to the fence is switched off. After this, the task of locating the problem can begin.

Conductive Material

Next, it is important to get hold of the right ‘tie-ins’ which need to be made of proper conductive materials. Tie-ins are simple links that help to join two things together. Get hold of some length of wire that must be of the same type as the wire in the electric fence. The actual fixing of the electric fence wire is simple and requires only learning to construct “eye” loops in both ends of the tie-in. Whenever a break in the wire is found, it should be twisted loose and one end of it must be inserted into the eye and then tightened till the eye closes.

Check for More Breaks

It is important that every inch of the fencing wire be checked so that all possible breaks are identified and then repaired. For this, it helps to start inspecting the fence at one end then methodically work around the entire perimeter looking for breaks. Even a material hanging on the wire can lead to circuit diversion.

repaired electric wire

Connectors and Handles

Next, be sure to inspect every connector and handle. Mostly, the fence will be using connectors that help in opening and closing the fence while the fence is electrically charged. Such connectors are normally made from plastic and sometimes their handles may break or become unserviceable. Repairing these requires opening the connector and adding connective wires. Alternatively, the handle may require replacement.

Finding Weak or Missing Current

In order to determine parts of the fence where the current is weak or even missing, the use of a charger is recommended. These electric charge detectors will monitor current in the wire and locate the places where current is weak and even missing altogether.

If it becomes necessary to place extra controls on the wire, you can make use of line holders made from plastic. These line holders will help ensure that the wires can be kept sufficiently taut. When inspecting the electric fence wire, it also pays to be alert to any snapping sounds, which if noticed, will indicate an electrical short that too must be fixed without delay.

These steps are quite simple and straightforward, which should prove that fixing electric fence wires will not be a difficult task. As long as care is taken to inspect every part of the wire, there is good reason to hope that breaks and other faults can be identified and repaired.