Fixing Torn Shower Curtain Ring Holes

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  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20
What You'll Need
Mending tape
Hot wax
Shower curtain holes repair tabs

The shower curtain in the average bathroom gets pulled, tugged, and flipped several times per day, so torn shower curtain ring holes are inevitable with even the strongest vinyl or plastic curtain. Here are ideas for both short-term and long-term repairs that will save money and extend the useful life of your shower curtain.

Step 1 - Fix the First Torn Hole Immediately

To avoid more rips and tears to other holes, fix tears immediately. Use whatever is available: a bandage, packing tape, duct tape, or even some hot wax from a candle if the rip is small. Scoop hot melted wax from near the flame with a flat knife and spread it on both sides of the tear. When it cools slightly, clamp it to make a firm seal.

    Step 2 - Assess the Condition of the Other Holes and Decide on Repair

    If just 1 or 2 others look weakened, make the repairs immediately. Get the right tools, such as shower curtain hanger repair tabs for the shower curtain holes. These are reinforcements like we used to use on 3-hole binder paper.

    Affix the self-adhesive Curtain Savers to each side of the shower curtain hole. They are inconspicuous, strong, and sturdy. If the curtain is in excellent shape overall, and you want to keep it for a few more years, go to the effort of putting metal grommets in all the curtain holes. A grommet tool kit and sets of grommets can be purchased at hardware and craft stores.

      Step 3 - Major Repairs

      If the shower curtain is drooping or torn at more than half of the holes, a major repair is in order. It works for both vinyl and plastic curtains. Detach the curtain from all hooks and launder it in the washing machine. While it is damp, use a very hot steam iron to press down the vinyl curtain at the top, making 2 folds so the top is now 3 layers thick.

      Seal all 3 layers with an epoxy glue made for plastics. Do so in a well-aired space, or even outdoors on a fine day. Clamp with large office-style bulldog clips until the glue has dried. With a leather punch, make new holes in this top hem. Reinforce the holes with grommets. Check that your old shower hooks are still clean and in good working condition. If not, replace them too, and hang up the repaired shower curtain.

        Step 4 - A New Approach

        If you decide to put grommets on the shower curtain holes, and you have a spring-loaded shower curtain rail, try enlarging the curtain holes to .5-inches larger diameter than your shower rod. Affix same-size grommets. Slide the curtain right onto the shower rod. The curtain will slide smoothly and stay fully open more effectively.