Fixing Up Your Garden Fire Pit

landscaped yard with fire pit area
  • 2-60 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300

There is an endless list of things you can do to fix up a garden fire pit. You can add benches or tables, distinctive borders for a garden area or create a specific theme for the fire pit area. A few basic ideas to get you started should stimulate your imagination to think about ways you can customize your fire pit area to correspond to your personal taste.

A Word on Safety

No matter what you do to improve your fire pit, maintain a safe clear area in the fire pit's immediate area. Avoid having plants near the area, and try to keep the area free of hazards and unnecessary obstructions. The more clutter you have around the fire pit, the more susceptible you are to falls and accidental burns. Having a garden hose available for fire control is a good idea, but it is advisable that you have a regulation fire extinguisher on hand as well. It is much better to be over-prepared than to need a chemical extinguisher and not have it available.

Benches and Tables

Fire pit area

A distinctive garden fire pit will include benches, chairs, and tables. A southern style might include functional 2 x 4 framed furniture, and a tropical theme can include bamboo and wicker. Classical garden designs use wrought iron or stone for the garden furniture, but plastic and vinyl lawn furniture will always be an acceptable solution for simply designed pit areas.

Paths and Trails

Accentuate your garden fire pit by outlining walkways with landscaping timbers, and then flooring the path with mulch, crushed stone, paving stones, or concrete. Remember mulch and straw should not be used in the immediate vicinity of the fire pit, but they can be used as part of a connecting pathway system throughout the garden area. You can even pave the area with all-weather ceramic tiles, adding a feeling of class and European style to your garden fire pit layout.

Landscaping Features

gravel surrounding a fire pit

A small fountain or garden pond will complement your fire pit ring. You can use various types of rocks to design a rock garden featuring cacti of many different types or the entire garden area can be sweetened with a bed of roses. You can use plants and other decorations to completely change the theme of the garden and its fire pit.

Everything Else

There are many accessories that can directly enhance the fire pit, such as a fire pit screen or solid cover. For casual gatherings the fire pit may be built to resemble a table, allowing guests to sit around the fire in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Don't forget your guests will need to see what they are doing after the sun goes down, so provide for soft lighting along pathways and in the immediate fire pit area. To increase the enjoyment of an evening around a fire pit, set your lighting on dimmer switches so they can be adjusted to the mood of the evening.