Flagstone Patio

Installing a flagstone patio isn’t hard. With the proper equipment the job can be done quickly and effectively. There are several steps to laying a flagstone patio.

Identify the most level spot to start. If possible, make the whole area where the patio will be flat, as this will ensure the whole surface is level.

Next you will want to measure and mark the area where the flagstone patio is to be installed.

The next step requires a spade and a shovel. You should go around the perimeter and push it at least 4 inches down. You will then want to use a shovel to remove the soil to provide an area for the foundation.

Now you will want to see if it’s level. This is best done with a plank and a level. If it’s not level then dig a little dirt out on the side that needs it to level it out.

Next you will want to shovel 2” of sand over the landscape fabric. Level it out by tamping the sand down and checking it.

Proceed to lay the flagstones and tamp each stone with a rubber mallet. Finally check each stone to make sure it’s level.

Tips for Building a Flagstone Patio

This method of dry construction is easier for the “do it yourself” type person. Wet construction may be more suitable if you don’t want to have to tinker with the flagstone patio and the sand over the years.

If your yard usually retains water you may want to add some drainage underneath your patio.