Flagstone Wall Design Ideas

Setting out to build your own flagstone wall should be a fun experience which leads to a rewarding end. There are many styles of flagstones and even more ways to arrange them. The following article will give you several ideas on how you can build your own flagstone retaining wall.

Single Level Wall

This is probably the most basic flagstone wall you can build. The idea is here is not retention, but to create a raised garden or landscaped area wall without making it look too noticeable as well as to keep the area clean. Once you have your landscaping built to the height you want you will begin constructing your flagstone wall. Decide how tall you want the flagstone wall to be and build it to that height laying one level of flagstone before adding another. Once you reach your desired height you are done.

Step Wall

Picking out the right flagstone is key in making this design work. You will also need an area to build it on that is on an angle as you will be building the wall according to the grade. The stones that you need to use have to be as flat as possible and they must also be of similar size. Many home improvement stores will sell flagstone that is uniform in size and shape. Begin by laying out the first layer of flagstone until you reach your desired length. Continue adding layers until you reach the maximum height of your lowest section. Continue layering until the maximum height of the following section and so on and so forth until you are finished.

Weeping Wall

For those with pools or fountains this wall is spectacular to look at and easy to build. You need large pieces of flagstone. You can usually pick up unfinished flagstone at your home repair or landscaping store. First, decide how large you want the wall to be and begin placing the large rocks in front of where water is being expelled. When you're finished the water will hit the rock wall and find the cracks. It will trickle down the front of the flagstone wall making it appear to weep.

Wet Wall

In order to make a wet wall you will spread mortar over an existing surface. This can be a concrete wall, a stone pillar or even a patio. Once the mortar is spread out you begin placing flagstone on it in a design that would fit together like a puzzle. Each stone needs some space and more mortar which can be wiped off the stone. When you are finished you will have a flagstone wall which looks like it was taken apart and put back together.

Legacy Wall

This wall uses large pieces of flagstone that are uniform in size and darker in color but of similar shade. The wall is straight and all one height and the pieces of stone are stacked much like bricks. The top of the wall uses a single color of stone which is thinner than the rest of the wall.