Flat Roof Replacement Options

There are a number of reasons to consider roof replacement for a flat roof. Flat roof setups are susceptible to a variety of damage, primarily because they tend to pool water and snow. This can lead to structural damage to the roof, leakage problems, and much more. Additionally, most new houses are built with slanted roofs of various types for the appearance and overall aesthetic effect that they have. Read on for a few potential options that you have if you're interested in replacing the flat roof on the top of your home.

Single Ply

A single ply roof is slanted and has a single layer of specialty shingles to cover it. These shingles are made from plastic or rubber and are specially designed to repel water and other items that may land on the roof. They will also reflect the heat on the roof as well, which in turn can help lower the temperature inside the home during the summer, resulting in lower air conditioning and cooling costs.

Multiple Ply

Multiple ply roofs are generally sturdier than single ply versions. They consist of alternating layers of a flat rolled-out mat similar to that in single ply, and asphalt or another protective coating. The top of the multiple ply roof tends to be layered with small stones or gravel to help provide further protection against damage. These roof types are often best used in areas where there is likely to be exposure damage.

Flat Seamed Metal

Flat seamed metal is one of the more expensive options for changing your flat roof. However, this is also one of the longest lasting choices. In the case of a flat seamed metal roof, small sheets of metal are attached to one another to cover the roof. These sheets are then laid on top of the roof, providing excellent protection from light and heat, as well as other damages to the roof. Many people find this type of roof to be the most aesthetically appealing alternative to a standard flat roof.

Roll Asphalt

In contrast with metal, roll asphalt is one of the cheapest roofing options. It consists of laying down a layer of felt roofing and then covering it up with asphalt, which is then nailed or attached to the felt and the top of the building below it. This is not the most aesthetically appealing roof option, and it tends to have a shorter life span than the other choices on this list.

Bitumen Roofing

Bitumen roofing is similar to asphalt, but has other polymers mixed in with it to provide added protection and to extend the lifespan. Otherwise, this flat roof replacement option is very similar to the multiple ply option that is listed above.

Finding the proper option for your home will depend upon your budget, the aesthetic that you're looking for, and the weather conditions in your area.