Flatwork Concrete

Installing flatwork concrete for your driveway is a good way to make your driveway last a long time. When done properly a flatwork concrete driveway can last you up to 30 years. These few tips may help you achieve the lifespan you’re looking for

  • Flatwork concrete is very sturdy but is very prone to cracking when it’s stretched or bent. To help minimize this you should make sure that it’s constructed properly with expansion joints and reinforced steel. Also, to help avoid stretching, you need to make sure your contractor has properly compacted and graded the soil.
  • The control joints are also important to help control the effect drying has on flatwork concrete. The joints should be at 15 feet intervals at the most and should be at least ¼ as deep as the slab.
  • The reinforced steel will help provide strength to the flatwork concrete.

Important Lessons for Flatwork Concrete

There are some important items that should not be forgotten.

  • Make sure the flatwork concrete is mixed properly. If you ordered 4,000 PSI make sure you check the slip. If it says something less you should send it back.
  • Don’t pour the concrete in very hot weather that’s near 90 degrees. Wait for a cooler day or have it poured in the morning.