Flex Fuel Motor: How to Clean the Fuel Injector

two hands holding fuel injectors
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 8-15
What You'll Need
Cleaner designed for flex fuel motors
An almost empty tank of gas

The injectors on a flex fuel motor are designed for the use of gasoline and gasoline mixtures. In flex fuel motors, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol can be used in place of gasoline. These mixtures are environmentally friendly, but they can also leave vapor deposits that need to be cleaned. A dirty injector can not inject fuel where it needs to go at the right rate. This service should be conducted annually.

Step 1 – The Right Cleaner

In the past, injector cleaners were only designed to clean gasoline-powered engines. You can and need to purchase a cleaner designed for both gas and flex fuel motors.

Step 2 – The Right Amount of Gas

There are a few reasons why you want an almost empty tank of fuel. Fueling your vehicle after adding the injector cleaner will mix the two together. Since your tank was near empty, the cleaner will be continually used until your next fill up.

Step 3 – Injector Cleaner

Follow the instructions given on the injector cleaner to find out how much to use. The cleaner cycles alongside the fuel and cleans the injectors in your flex fuel motor.