Floating Shelf Hardware Options

Knowing the different floating shelf hardware options will make it easier for you to hang your shelves properly. There will be several options available when it comes to hanging the shelves. Here are a few of the options, and when they are best utilized. 


The brackets of your floating shelf are the most important part of the shelf. You need to make sure that the design, as well as the make, is top quality so that your shelves will actually be able to support weight. Weak brackets mean weak and useless shelves. You will be able to find brackets in wood as well as metal. Metal will be easier for installation purposes but aesthetically wood can be designed to look like art.

Hidden Brackets

Hidden brackets are usually preferred as they help to give off the illusion that the shelf is actually floating. They can be made from MDF or from wood in just about any finish color you can think of. All of the necessary hardware you need with these brackets usually comes along with them.


You cannot hang up any of these brackets if not for the proper screws. Any brackets that you purchase, be they hidden or standard, should come with the necessary amount of screws for the job. Having extra screws around is never a bad idea.