Floor Stripping in 8 Easy Steps

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100
What You'll Need
Floor stripper
Floor scrubber
Wax mop
Wax stripper
Scrubbing tools
Clean mop

Floor stripping is a more intricate process, but is often worth the work. Wood floors can become ruined and damaged. The wax can be scuffed and damaged, giving the wood an unfinished and dirty look. By stripping the floor, you will be replacing the old wax with new wax that will give the wood floors a new and youthful look. While the process is long and intricate, there are 8 steps to take to have your wood floor looking as good as new.

Step 1 - Buy Floor Stripper

The floor stripper is an important part of the process, and is the first thing that you will pick up and use. The floor stripper is the actual chemical that is going to help you to strip the wax off of the wooden floors. Do online research to understand what brands are best. Ask workers at the store which stripper they recommend. It is important to test a small area of your floor with the stripper to ensure that it does not ruin your entire wood floor.

Step 2 - Rent a Floor Scrubber

The floor scrubber is the tool that is going to make your life easier when stripping a floor. The tool removes the wax. Simply rent a floor scrubber (these are electric) from a local hardware store.

Step 3 - Move Furniture

Move the furniture in your room out of the room. You cannot simply pile the furniture into one corner; remove all of the furniture from the room that you are planning on stripping.

Step 4 - Apply the Wax Stripper

Using a mop, apply the wax stripper to the floor. Follow the specific instructions that have been given to you from the company of the stripper itself. Each company may have different steps for application.

Step 5 - Allow it to Soak

Allow the wax stripper to soak for the allotted amount of time per the instructions that come with your floor stripper. The soaking is key; resist the urge to strip the floor before the time is up.

Step 6 - Remove Buildup

Using the floor scrubber that you have rented, remove the wax and buildup from the floor. Coordinate your stripping with the amount of soaking time to work in sections. Do not attempt to do the entire floor at once.

Step 7 - Clean the Floor

Using a clean mop, clean the floor after you have stripped the entire floor. You will want to get the chemicals off of the wood.

Step 8 - Seal the Floor

Seal the floor with a sealer and floor finish once the room has had time to dry. The multiple coats of these sealers will help to keep the floor fresh and new for a longer period of time. This is key to having a long lasting wood floor in your home.