Flooring Options for Exterior Balcony Designs

There are many potential balcony designs that you could utilize with your own balcony. Depending on what you like, you could go in a number of different directions. You have several flooring options that you could choose to help you design your balcony as well. The flooring is not usually the focal point of the space, but it does add a lot to the overall feel. Making the proper choice can really make the space look and feel great. Here are a few flooring options that you have for exterior balconies.

Wooden Deck Tiles

Wooden deck tiles provide you with a way to put hardwood flooring outside. These are extremely easy to install, as they just lay down and snap together. They are treated in a special way that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. The wood is held together by a plastic track. This track holds the wood up off of the ground and allows water to drain through. You can install the tiles in a variety of patterns that allow you to customize the space the way that you want.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is another great option for exterior balconies. Porcelain is dense enough that it will not absorb moisture like some other types of tile. This makes it an ideal choice for an outdoor space, regardless of where you live. When the temperature drops below freezing, it will not start to crack and break. With porcelain tile, you can create an extremely custom look as well. You can install it in a variety of patterns that are only limited to your imagination. It comes many colors and you can even combine different sizes for a number of different patterns. There are trim pieces, accent pieces and so many different options that almost everyone can find something that they like. Installation is a little more complicated than the wooden deck tiles, though. If you're on a wooden balcony, you will have to install concrete board first before you lay the tile. If you are in doubt as to how to install it, you should probably get some help from a professional installer.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet

In addition to your hard surface options, you can also install indoor outdoor carpet on a balcony. This provides you with a softer and quieter flooring option as compared to tile. They make indoor outdoor carpet in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. They have completely flat, soft carpet and also carpet with coarse ridges. You can glue the indoor outdoor carpet down to a wood or concrete sub floor on your balcony. One key difference between this type of flooring and the other two options is that it comes in rolls. Therefore, you can't just buy the exact square footage of the balcony. If you need help determining how much material to buy, get some assistance from someone at a local flooring store.