Floral Chandelier: A Unique Flower Arrangement Idea

If you enjoy creative and unique flower arrangements, and have a chandelier in your home, creating a floral chandelier can provide a beautiful room centerpiece that is certain to become a conversation piece. You can use plastic or silk flowers for something more permanent; however, using fresh flowers will allow you to regularly change the look of your floral chandelier that will always help keep your chandelier looking as if it were brand-new.

Floral Foam Ring

When creating a floral chandelier, a circular floral foam ring will be the centerpiece of your chandelier. You can purchase these foam rings from arts and craft stores, and you should purchase one that is about the same size as the diameter of your chandelier.

  • When attaching the foam ring to your chandelier, you can use colored hanging wire, fishing line or even decorative ribbon to secure your floral arrangement to your chandelier.
  • Most varieties of live flowers will work very well in a floral chandelier, and you should simply choose the flowers that you like best for your arrangement.
  • Always lightly spray the flowers with water to keep them from quickly drying out from the heat generated by the chandelier lamps.