Flower Crafting Ideas

Flower Crafting Ideas

Touching on flower lore and crafting techniques, you can create elegant flower crafts. Fresh cut flowers add beauty and natural color to any room—but as their loveliness fades, flower crafts pick up where a wilting bouquet leaves off. Working with flowers and other plants is a centuries-old pastime for creating gifts, attractions for the home, and practical items derived from your very own garden.

The Language of Flowers

Flowers and various plants have a traditional language of their own; rosemary for remembrance, daisies for innocence, and lilacs for first love are some pleasing associations. It may be worthwhile to keep such meanings in mind when selecting certain flowers to craft with. The crafts you can potentially create with flowers are many and varied. From rose-petal hand-made papers, to pure peppermint oil in a pressed flower bottle—you can find a flower craft ideal to make.

Preserving Flowers

Depending on the craft you choose, the flowers may require drying. Hanging flower bunches to air dry upside down is as romantic a decorating effect as it is a useful means to preserve flowers. If you are planning to create an arrangement for a vase, it may be helpful to preserve your flowers while they are still in optimum health by wiring them. They are easier to wire before they dry out. You can then place your bouquet in a water-glycerin mixture for preserving effects.

Decorating with Moss

If you don’t have time to dry and preserve flowers and require a quick gift, you can cover an old wooden picture frame with moss right out of the garden. Glue sections of moss along the frame, taking care to cover the frame completely. To garnish, simply add a few small artificial blooms of lilac or allium and you have a lovely naturally-inspired object of art. If you take moss from different parts of your yard, it will scarcely be missed and will grow back very quickly.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus leaves and their delicate scent can be used in a wide range of crafts to form wreathes or simply accent shelves and other household items. A plain lampshade can be transformed by a border of eucalyptus leaves attached with a glue gun. Or, consider bleaching any attractive leaves and applying them to your lampshade for an elegant white on white effect.

Leaves can also be used on sections of walls—the perfect border for a sunroom for instance. Soak your leaves in rainwater and apply them to your wall surface. Spray the backs of the leaves with spray adhesive and apply them to the wall in any design you like. Then, apply several coats of non-toxic sealer as used in general decoupage projects and you have a most unusual and lovely accent. Consider this same craft for other objects like vases, tabletops, backsplashes and more.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers can be used in a wide range of crafts. Sandwich your blooms in wax paper and place them in a flower press (a stack of heavy books atop them will do). You can apply pressed flowers to anything from candles to photo albums. If you enjoy intricate work, you might try creating special jewelry with pressed flowers. A simple project might be creating a flower pin. Sandwich a pressed pansy within two layers of acrylic with clear adhesive. Cut to your desired shape—a rectangle or square is simplest. Add a border of thin ribbon and apply a pin back. This could even be added to a chain for a necklace.


A lovely fall wreath can be constructed from lots of small ornamental gourds. Applied with adhesive to a Styrofoam wreath shape, your gourds can be placed every which way, so long as the wreath structure is covered. Along the same lines as a glass ornament wreath, the gourds add great natural interest to any door or wall.

You can use dried and pressed flowers in many crafts or simply to embellish hair ornaments, gift boxes, frames, draperies, garments and more. You can even make scented oils for gift bottles and add dishes of homemade potpourri throughout the house for a fragrant effect. Bringing the garden indoors is not only a great pastime, it’s a lovely way to add natural beauty to your home.