Flush Clip Mount Ceilings 6 - Installing the Tile

Lead Image

Now that your reference strings are in place (see part 5), you can begin installing your tiles. Start in the corner of the room, where the two strings intersect. You will need to cut border tiles to fit. Cut the tile face up with a sharp utility knife. Then, place the cut edges, those with no tongues or flanges, against the wall. The edges pointing toward the interior of the room will be the factory edge.

Installing the First Tiles

After cutting your first few tiles, snap a clip into each of the first two tracks and push the clips flush against the wall. Place the first tile in the corner and push the cut edge of the tile into the clips. Secure the other edge of the tile by snapping clips into the tracks and pushing them onto the flange. Be sure your hands are clean, or wear clean gloves, so you don't soil the tiles.

Install the next three tiles that surround this first corner tile. Make sure your tiles fit snugly into the corner and line up with the reference strings. This is very important, so take your time. Adjust until they are perfectly aligned.

Continuing the Pattern

Once these first four tiles are in place, continue this installation pattern. When you reach the opposite side wall, cut the border tiles ½ inch short of the wall to leave a gap for any expansion from moisture. Finally, install the remaining tiles diagonally across the room.

Finishing a Row

To install the last tile in a row, snap a clip on the end of each track and push it flush up against the wall. As mentioned above, you should cut the last tile so it ends up ½ inch short of the wall. Position the tile in place, then slide the clip into the edge of the tile with a screwdriver.

Finally, nail on any molding, making sure to paint or stain it first. Nail the molding into the wall studs, not the ceiling, and do so at 24-inch intervals.