Fly Rafter

A fly rafter is attached to the overhang, blocking, and the sheathing of your roof. It’s used beyond the end rafter if needed. The fly rafter also helps keep the sheathing straight. If needed there is extra support available for the fly rafter. If you extend the rafter ridge board, the fascia backers and the fascia will allow for extra support to the fly rafter. The fly rafter also helps give extra support to the rake area and it allows a place for the soffit to be nailed to.

Common Misconceptions About the Fly Rafter

There are many misconceptions about the relationship of the fly rafter to other boards. The size of the fly rafter actually has no correlation with the size of the main rafters. The fly rafter can be a 1 by 8 board, a 2 by 6 board, a 2 by 8 board or a 2 by 10 board. They have all been done before and are not dependent on the other boards.