Foam Board Insulation Covering Options

Foam board insulation comes in handy when remodeling a home. The foam is compressed into a stiff board that has many building uses. It can be used to insulate shower walls and during replacement of sheet rock or paneling. There are a variety of options on how to cover foam board insulation.

Bathroom Uses

When renovating a bathroom foam board insulation can be installed behind the shower or bath walls. Once the foam board is in place it can be covered with waterproof concrete board or specially treated sheet rock. These coverings will ensure a good long life for the foam insulation by keeping moisture from its surface. When the initial covering is installed then tile or fiberglass medium can be installed to complete your bathroom.

General Uses

As an alternative to rolled insulation, foam board insulation is easier to install, it is solid construction that stays in place and can be stapled or nailed to the house frame. Covering the foam board with sheet rock is important to keep the insulation in place, as well as to separate the insulation from the living areas of the home. Once the sheet rock is installed over the foam board insulation it can be finished with paneling, wall paper, or paint to finish your projects.