Foam Core Modeling: How to Construct a House

Foam core is a piece of foam that is sandwiched between two pieces of sturdy poster board. This crafting material is very versatile as it can be cut, painted and manipulated into forming all sorts of projects at home. Foam core is also very inexpensive and one sheet purchased from a department store can be used to create a single structure. Many people use foam core as a way to make their own models. Foam core is mostly used by architects to create building miniatures for their blueprints and by Hollywood professionals for making miniature props for scenes. The article that follows will provide some helpful tips and information on how to build a model house out of foam core.

Blueprints for the Home or Simple Design

You would never design a real house without first having a blueprint and building a miniature house is no different. Measurements need to be precise as do the cuts that you make on the foam core. You can create or download a house template from the Internet. You can also draw one from scratch if you prefer to have total freedom with your design. If this is your first project with foam core then try out the process using plans for a simple gingerbread house. The technique is the same regardless if you are working with cookies or foam core. Once your design is procured you can print it out and place it on top of the foam core. Trace the design with a marker then double check the measurements.

Removing the Pieces

Foam core is a little tricky to work with because it can be flimsy and once you start cutting it your process can be hindered with blades that get stuck. Do not worry about removing the windows or doors from the pieces of foam core. Remove the large portions first using a utility knife or similarly sharp instrument. Score the top paper of the foam core. Work quickly and in layers. This will make the job go much faster and easier for you. Once the large pieces are removed you can start removing windows, doors and the like from the material.

Assembling the Foam Core House

There are 2 ways to assemble a house out of foam core. The first is to glue the pieces together and the second way, and one that is popular with modelers and architects, is pinning. Small pins are used to connect one or more pieces together. This method is used just in case a piece falls off. It will not break, bend or snap from the model, but will instead easily be pulled from the rest of the model. This is important because it makes it easier to replace fallen pieces. Begin assembling the building from the ground up. If you are using pins then place them on the first floor through the main board. Slide the walls into place over the pins. Once all walls are up, add the second floor and repeat. Use glue in the same manner.