Foam Spray Adhesive

Foam spray adhesive such as Sprayway's Fast Tack 55 and 3M's Super 77 is a fast-drying, high-strength aerosol bonding agent that applies easily. Specifically used when adhering fabric or foam to wood, metal or itself, foam spray adhesive is especially handy when making crafts, costumes, upholstered cushions, school projects or anything else involving the bonding of lightweight materials. Both urethane and latex-based foams are compatible with foam spray adhesives. The tack forms quickly, and the spray covers a wide area. Foam spray adhesive dries clear and will not stain materials. 


Joining foam can be tricky, especially when you wish to form butt joints or knife edges between separate sheets. Foam spray adhesive, when applied to both surfaces, quickly tacks up. Once the surfaces are joined, the bond begins to cure, eventually leading to full adhesion. Other materials that can be used with foam spray adhesives include metal, hard plastics, wood and fiberboard. 


Depending on your need, foam spray adhesives may be applied lightly or heavily. If you wish to form only a temporary bond, spray the adhesive on lightly. By contrast, a heavy application will form a stronger bond. Double spray both sides and allow a couple of minutes for the adhesive to get tacky for the most durable bonds.