5 Benefits Of Foam Weather-Stripping

A room with foam weather stripping.

While there are multiple types of weather stripping, foam weatherstripping is often regarded as the best. Foam weatherstripping is an easy way to make sure that your windows and doors have the protection necessary to keep Mother Nature out of your home. While there are multiple benefits to foam weather stripping, there are five that stand out.

Sticking Power

There are multiple types of foam weather stripping. Some of these types of weather stripping make it incredibly easy to install. Some foam weather strips actually have an adhesive built on them. This adhesive allows you to stick the weather stripping right on the window or door. This removes the need to use nails or screws. This makes the job cleaner and easier. It also prevents you from possibly damaging a window or door with a screw or nail.


The cost of foam weatherstripping is low. The foam does not have a higher cost than the other types of weather stripping. If you choose a foam weatherstrip that has self-adhesive, you can save more money. You do not need to purchase any form of connection (adhesive, nails, screws) to get the weather stripping to stick on the area.


The foam is a water-resistant material that is going to give you extra protection from the elements. The foam will not allow the water to get by (when properly installed) during heavy rain or minimal flooding. The goal of weatherstripping is to keep the weather out from the inside. It is imperative that your weather stripping can do so.

Easy to Cut

One of the major benefits of foam weather stripping revolves around how easy it is to use. Foam weatherstripping is easy to cut down to form. This makes it easy for any job, but particularly easy for large jobs. Each individual piece needs to be cut by hand. Having a product that is easy to cut will make it easy for you to get the protection you need in a short amount of time. While easy to cut, the cut is also clean, making it easy for you to use all of the foam weather stripping (and not wasting any on misguided cuts).

Easy to Install

Foam weatherstripping is easy to install. The self-adhesive foam weatherstripping is even easier to install. Simply clean and dry the area that you will be placing the weather stripping. Cleaning this area will allow the weather stripping to attach to the window or door. Once the area has dried, simply remove the protective backing on the self-adhesive foam and stick it where you need it. The adhesive properties will be strong enough to keep the foam on through storms and through use and abuse.