Fold Homemade Paper Fans

What You'll Need
Thick paper (such as construction paper, paper plate, or card stock)
Tongue depressor or Popsicle stick
Various decorative accents (lace, glitter glue, jewels)

Homemade paper fans make for a great project for kids of all ages as they making these fans can help develop and rejuvenate motor skills. They also serve as way to get out creative juices as you can color and decorate them any way that you want to and they also make for great homemade gifts. Folding paper into a fan can easily be made into an outdoor activity where the effects can immediately be felt. The following article will show you how to create your own homemade paper fans.

Step 1: Basic Assembly

The type of paper you choose is the most important ingredient in this project. If the paper is too flimsy, it will not be strong enough to retain its shape in order to cool you off. If it is too thick, you run the risk of the paper creasing and ripping as you fold it. For this reason you want to stick with medium-thick paper like construction paper. Sandwich two pieces of paper together with the wooden stick you chose between them. You want to have a longer stick so that the fan has a 2-inch long handle or more. With your scissors you want to carefully cut the paper into a half moon shape that is the length of the Popsicle stick.

Step 2: Folding the Fan

Now that you have the basic fan shape glued together and cut you can now start to fold the paper so that is resembles an actual homemade paper fan. Use the ruler as a guide and fold one end over the ruler on a slight diagonal. Make sure that is creased well enough so that it retains its shape. Continue folding the paper at the same distance apart and on the same angle until you reach the center of the shape. When you reach the center start folding from the other end toward the center. This will get you a fan with even folds and creases.

Step 3: Decorating the Homemade Paper Fan

The most fun you can have with this project is decorating the fan once it is folded. You can start by choosing a bright piece of paper (or two different colors) to be your fan. You could stop here but why not adorn the Popsicle stick handle with plastic jewels, paint or glitter to make the handle really stand out? Since the fan is two pieces of paper glued around the handle you have a visible cut to make it into the half moon shape. This can easily be covered up by using glitter glue along the edge or by gluing in place a piece of lace or other colored paper that can be folded over to hide the cut. The fan itself can be adorned with such things as glitter glue to spell out a name, crayons, and even pictures that would be glued onto the paper.