Forced Air Gas Furnace Troubleshooting

A forced air gas furnace is one that works much the same way that a radiated heat system and older home works. The system works by taking cold air in and cleaning it through a filter system. This cleanse air is fed into a gas burner using a stainless steel heat exchanger. The heated air is forced through the vents and ductwork of the home in order to provide heat. As the air cools, it is returned through the vents and ductwork and recycled through the process, redistributed through the furnace and fed back through the ducts.

There are some common problems that occur with a force air gas furnace. This article will be a troubleshooting guide for these problems and discuss ways to address these problems if or when they occur with your forced air gas furnace. The common problems that occur include the furnace not producing heat, the furnace not producing enough heat, the furnace comes on and off to frequently and the blower does not turn off.

Furnace not Producing Heat

The problem with the furnace not producing heat can be caused by a variety of problem. These causes include the thermostat setting being too low or not working properly, a tripped or blown circuit breaker or fuse or the pilot light is off. These problems may be addressed by playing with the thermostat dial in order to engage the heat call function in the furnace, resetting the main circuit breaker and relighting the pilot light. Any of these solutions may be sufficient enough to get your forced air gas furnace working properly again.  

Furnace not Producing Enough Heat

A forced air furnace that does not produce enough heat can be caused by a dirty air filter or a gas burner that is need of cleaning or replacement. These causes can be remedied quickly by checking the air filter and replacing it immediately as well as cleaning out the clogged gas burners. The air filter, as a matter of schedule and maintenance, should be changed annually just prior to the heating season in order to ensure the forced air gas furnace's proper functioning.

Furnace turns On and Off too Frequently

If you are experiencing a situation where the furnace is coming on and off to frequently this can be a sign that the filter is dirty and should be changed immediately. There may also be a problem with the blower motor or thermostat, specifically with the heat anticipator. Blower motor oil can be added to address the issue with your blower motor and with respect to the heat exchanger, the belt tension within the furnace may need to be adjusted in order to get the furnace function correctly. 

Furnace Blower does not Turn Off

If the furnace run constantly this may be a simple issue with the thermostat fan being set to the on position unintentionally. Solve this by changing the fan setting.