Formica is a nice finish to any countertop and kitchen cabinets. However, if you’re trying to resurface your countertop you will have to remove the old layer. Formica can be somewhat challenging to remove if you’ve never done it before. Here are some steps to help make the process go easier for you.

How to Remove Formica

If you have any countertop edging you should try to carefully remove it if you are planning on keeping it.

To remove the Formica you will need to use a wrecking bar and hammer. You also may want to wear some ear plugs as this part can get loud from the pounding. Formica is usually glued on very heavily. Be prepared pound at it for a while. If you see any areas where the Formica may be coming loose try starting by that spot.

While prying be careful to avoid denting the actual plywood.

You will need to sand the plywood unless you are planning on tiling the counter top.