Formica Repair Kits

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Formica is the name of a company that specializes in manufacturing laminate materials, and as such, the name has come to commonly refer to their variety of laminate surfaces.

Through normal wear and tear, your Formica countertops and tables can get scratched or can crack, but you won't have to resurface the countertop to fix the problem. The simplest and easiest type of Formica repair kits available are ones that help you fix chips and cracks in your surfaces. Formica filler and sealants help to repair these types of minor damages, so you should keep a repair kit handy in case the need ever should arise.

About Formica Fillers

Formica filler is a putty-type substance, similar to wood filler. It is designed to be placed inside scratches and cracks and help to bond the Formica and keep the surface from looking old and in disrepair. You can find a good quality repair kit at a hardware store, home improvement center, or a carpet and tile store outlet. You can ask for assistance when purchasing these items to make sure that you are getting the right ones for your Formica.

About Formica Sealants

In addition to the filler, you should acquire a sealant solution. This solution can be found alongside the filler and is used to coat and seal it once it has been applied and dried properly. The two items work side-by-side to complete a repair of your Formica when the situation arises.

A Soft Rag and Steel Wool

In addition to the products that make up a Formica repair kit, soft rags and steel wool are a must-have item. You need the rags to keep the repair surface clean and free of dust and debris that may develop during the repair process. The steel wool polishes away blemishes as well as any excess filler that may have accumulated during the curing or drying process.

Purchasing Items

Take a list of these items and go to the hardware store or other retail outlet listed above to purchase. You should keep ample supplies available when needed and in a place where they are readily accessible. The items that you keep in your repair kit should have a pretty long shelf life so you should not have much concerns of what may happen if you do not use the Formica filler or sealant for a while.

Working with a Repair Kit

When working with any chemicals or other solutions, be sure to remove all other valuable items that are placed on the surface. Wipe the area down completely and thoroughly and wear gloves where appropriate to reduce contact with your skin. Avoid rubbing your eye with your hands or glove and keep them away from your face. If the filler or sealant that you purchase is too strong, wear a mask to avoid breathing any fumes that may be potentially harmful or dangerous to you. This caution should apply to all chemical materials.