Foundation Considerations for Hillside Cottage House Plans

The type of foundation that you can consider for hillside cottage house plans include foundations made out of stone, concrete and brick. Each of these foundations provides the support and strength necessary to support the house plans that are designed for a hillside home. The foundations types that you need to consider for a hillside home are not much different from the types of foundations that you consider when building a regular home. The biggest consideration for hillside foundations comes with how the foundation is laid and how the materials are used to make the home stable.

Hillside Cottage House Foundation with Concrete

A hillside cottage house foundation built with concrete needs the concrete to be prepared and poured in order in a manner that makes the concrete stable. A hillside construction requires the base of the foundation to be carved out in such as way to accommodate the forms necessary to pour the concrete and create a stable place to rest the home on. This is done by taking careful measurements and understanding the significance of the changes in elevation relative to the pouring of the concrete. These consideration are worked out by the builder and contractor who will pour the foundation.

Hillside Cottage House Foundation with Stone

A hillside cottage house foundation with stone may be an easier proposition than working with concrete. Stone can be set in place using a back loader or crane lift and made to fit the dugout area for the foundation the contractor builds. Setting the stone in place requires precision and patience but when done by a professional contractor with the right tools, it should not be hard to accomplish. This type of foundation has the strength characteristics necessary to support a cottage style house and can be a good alternative to laying the concrete forms.

Hillside Cottage House Foundation with Brick

A hillside cottage house foundation with brick may be the most labor intensive of the three types of foundation considerations mentioned in this article. A brick foundation is one that is constructed by hand with the talents of a local brick mason and his or her crew. The bricks are set in place by hand and attached using mortar to seal the joints. An experienced bricklayer can accomplish this type of job easily but will take more time to ensure that the foundation’s construction is even and provides a strong base for the cottage home.

Each of these cottage home foundation types can be used when building into a hillside. The one that you consider, taking into account  the cost and labor involved depends on different factors. Chief among these factors of course is cost, followed by deference to the local building codes and community standards for your area, followed by the labor requirements. Each of these considerations are factors that have to be accounted for when constructing a hillside cottage foundation.