Fountain Bird Bath Designs And Plans


A fountain bird bath is a sure way to attract birds and this mainly has to do with the sound of flowing water as it drips and splashes. These bird baths will attract various bird types to your backyard regardless of whether they are regular or seasonal guests. A fountain bird bath is also a real eye-catcher and will add lots of aesthetic value to your garden.

There are various types of fountain bird baths and these are explored here:

1.       Pedestal Fountain Bird Baths

These bird baths feature a pedestal that either has a single basin or a couple of tiers. They are often available in heights between two and three feet. Pedestal fountain bird baths will often have solar panels fitted into their bowls and these power the water system. Water circulates over and over between the lowest bowl and a built-in reservoir. The outlet at the top is made in the shape of an animal figurine and the water emerges as a spray or as gurgle.

2.       Cascading Fountain Bird Baths

Cascade fountains are typically shorter in height than pedestal fountains. They feature multiple basins tiered on top of each other such that the water falls through several levels. The water is pumped to the topmost basin and then starts to gently pour into the subsequent basin and so on until it reaches the catch bowl at the bottom.

Due to design and size constrictions your cascade fountain will have its solar power source as a separate gadget connected to the fountain by a cord. These bird baths can also be purchased with an AC adapter such that you can use them indoors.

3.       Single Bowl Fountain Bird Baths

Single bowl fountain bird baths ideally have the smallest dimensions as compared to all other bird bath types. The smallest of these types can be shorter than a foot in height. You may opt for a plainly finished single bowl fountain or alternatively go for the more classic designs that feature water spouts made in the form of open-mouthed animals.

4.       Heated Fountain Bird Baths

The advantage with heated fountain bird baths is that you will always have birds in your yard regardless of the weather. Such bird baths last for longer when they have heaters installed in them as these ensure that no water gets to freezing point even through the winter.

Heated bird baths are available in several design types in addition to being made from diverse materials. In choosing such a bird bath, always ensure that the bowl does not exceed 3 inches in depth. The bottom surface of the bowls should be adequately rough so that the birds have a grip as they drink.

5.       Choose Wisely

When investing in a fountain bird bath you have several factors to consider, design and material notwithstanding. Issues like power source (solar powered or AC) are crucial. Also think about the cost, weight, durability, portability, and ease of maintenance.