Design Ideas for Bathroom Corner Cabinets

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Bathroom corner cabinets offer a unique style to almost any bathroom. Corner cabinets offer excellent storage space in small bathroom spaces. While there are a variety of options available, here are 4 design ideas that you should consider when designing and building bathroom corner cabinets.


When selecting materials to build bathroom corner cabinets, consider the moisture within the bathroom and choose a material that will be able to withstand tough bathroom conditions. Because of its durability, teak wood is a favorable wood choice for building bathroom cabinetry. Mahogany, oak, woven wicker, and cabinet-grade plywood can be used for bathroom cabinets.

Once the wood material is selected, choose a wood stain or paint color for finishing purposes. A wood sealer will keep the stain and paint from soaking into the wood. Remodelers that are looking for a modern approach to bathroom cabinet design may find that glass, metal, or a combination of both will offer the look they are seeking. In addition to being durable, glass and metal are easy to clean and will withstand moisture.


The size of the corner bathroom cabinets will ultimately be determined by the height, depth, and width of the area that the cabinet will be built in. In addition to the size of the area, storage space will be a factor in determining the size of the cabinet. To maximize storage potential, design a cabinet that is constructed from floor to ceiling.

Storage Solutions

In small bathrooms or bathrooms with minimal storage space, it is often frustrating to find space to store personal hygiene products, towels, and linens. Design a cabinet with a variety of compartments for organization purposes. Adding drawers and shelves will maximize storage space within the cabinet. When adding shelves, decide whether the shelf should remain open or if a hinged cover should be added. A hinged cover will give the cabinet more of a drawer-like appearance. Decorative baskets offer ample storage space for personal care products, towels, and other bathroom necessities. Building drawers within the cabinet offers space to store smaller items.

Decorative Touches

Once the corner bathroom cabinet has been fully constructed, it is time to finalize it with decorative items. Hardware, such as drawer pulls and hinges, can be used to create added personality and functionality. Choose hardware that coordinates with the wood stain or paint that you have chosen. Crown molding, base molding, and shoe molding will give the cabinet a finished appearance, adding aesthetic value to the bathroom. Additional decorating ideas include filling glass jars with colored bath salts and soaps, rolled towels bound together with ribbons, and vases with fresh or silk flowers.