Four Tips on Planting Dwarf Apple Trees

The first thing to mention regarding dwarf apple trees is that they do in fact grow normal sized apples. The advantage with dwarf apple trees is that you can plant them in small, restricted places. There are more advantages related to dwarf apple trees such as pruning, spraying and harvesting. Dwarf apple trees offer an ingenious and alternative way of growing apples. Here we will illustrate some tips regarding the planting of dwarf apple trees.

Tip1: Choosing the Type Of Dwarf Apple Tree

There are two types of dwarf apple trees, that is, the normal dwarf apple tree and the semi-dwarf apple tree. The latter is much easier to take care of. The only drawback is that they grow a little higher than dwarf apple trees but in return they have stronger roots. So make sure to choose the best type of dwarf apple tree according to your abilities and space availability.

Tip 2: Planting More Than One Tree

In order to successfully plant dwarf apple trees you have to follow a simple procedure. Make sure that the hole is wide enough because otherwise there won’t be any space for the roots to expand properly. The hole doesn’t need to be very deep; as a matter of fact the hole needs to be wider than deep. Leave enough space between the dwarf apple trees. Normally it would be 8 to 12 feet for normal dwarf apple trees and 10 to 14 feet for semi-dwarf apple trees. Make sure to follow this tip otherwise the trees won’t grow properly

Tip 3: When to Plant Dwarf Apple Trees

Dwarf apple trees require a lot of sun energy and it is essential that they have a 6.5 pH level of soil. So in order to facilitate this, plant your dwarf apple trees in spring, that way they are still in a dormant state. It is very important not to fertilize the hole where you are going to plant the dwarf apple tree (the same applies to semi-dwarf apple trees). Once you have planted the dwarf apple tree make sure to attach a stake to act as support otherwise problems could occur in the future. The latter is especially important for dwarf apple trees that were grafted onto M.9 or M.26 rootstock. Make sure that prior to planting you have cleared the planting area from any grass or weeds otherwise the wild grass will compete for water and nutrients.

Tip 4:  How Long For a Good Yield?

Remember that a dwarf apple tree requires a minimum of 3 to 4 years to reach maturity and there have been cases where a tree reaches full maturity in 10 years. Don’t be startled by this, all you have to do is to prune it regularity and make sure that pollination is occurring (be it self-pollination or another type of variety). In the end you will have a well deserved apple harvest.

As you can see there are a lot of things you can do in order to ensure a proper planting of a dwarf apple tree. By gathering adequate information and by some small degree of trial and error, you will gain experience and succeed in planting dwarf apple trees.