Foyer Decorating: Ideas for a Warm and Welcoming Entryway with Cottage Style

A home's foyer.

Cottage design is one of the most popular decorating styles these days, and the foyer is the ideal place to begin when choosing this style. The foyer is the first location guests see upon arrival, and since it is the gateway to the rest of the home, it should be warm and inviting. Cottage style decorating is exceptionally welcoming and informal.

The way in which a foyer is decorated is a reflection of personality, and cottage style decorating is one of the best choices for those who want to make a welcoming impression. Consider the following easy ideas for decorating a warm and welcoming entryway, and get started on decorating a foyer that is sure to impress and naturally welcome your guests.

Consider Adding Painted Wainscoting to Foyer Walls

Period details such as wainscoting can add a tremendous amount of cottage charm to any room or area of the home, and the foyer is no exception. When decorating a foyer with cottage style, consider installing wainscoting. Paint the wainscoting to match the walls and create a down-home cottage appearance. This informal style will instantly make guests feel at ease, and it will add a considerable amount of style and texture to entryway walls. It will also protect the lower third of the surface of walls from handprints and scratches that commonly occur on entryway walls.

Decorate with an Ordinary Wooden Bench or a Narrow Table

The foyer is the ideal location for a wooden bench, especially a foyer decorated in a cottage style. The bench can be painted in a light wash of latex paint or it can be antiqued to look older than it actually is. A simple wooden bench painted to appear old and well-worn can be used as a seating area for putting on and taking off footwear, but it can also serve as a place for displaying home decor with cottage style charm.

A narrow table such as a console or a garden table with drawers and an open shelf below can also be used when decorating a foyer with cottage style. It can also be painted to appear older than it actually is, or it can be stained and sealed with a matte finish. The drawers of a console or garden table are perfect for storing keys and other necessities, and a table with a lower shelf can hold a woven basket that can be used for storing gloves, hats, and other accessories.

Add Table or Bench Decor with Cottage Style

When searching for cottage style decor for a foyer, think of simple items that have natural beauty. A set of colorful clay pitchers can be used to hold fresh or dried floral arrangements. A few willow branches can be rooted in a pitcher of water in a cottage style foyer. A bowl of fresh fruit can also be used when decorating a foyer with cottage style. Select a plain shallow bowl, and instead of buying decorative spheres to fill the bowl, fill it with fresh limes, lemons, or oranges. Fruit displays often work well in areas other than the kitchen or dining room, and a foyer with cottage style is an ideal location for adding natural beauty with fruit and flowers.

Decorate with an Old Cottage Style Chair

An old wooden chair is just right for decorating a foyer with cottage style. The chair can be placed next to a bench or table, and it can be used as seating or as a platform for displaying a vase of fresh or dried flowers. A simple straw hat with a wide ribbon and eye-catching floral embellishments can be hung on a back or placed on the seat. A hand-sewn cat stuffed with batting also lends a touch of quaint cottage charm to the foyer. Decorate with the cottage style decor you prefer, and artfully arrange it to add unique beauty to the foyer. The decorating options are virtually limitless.

Embellish Walls with Candle Lanterns

Candle wall sconces are a charming addition to a foyer with cottage style, but candle lanterns are even more appealing. Candle lanterns are reminiscent of those used centuries ago, and they add considerable charm to vertical spaces. When lit they cast a lovely amber glow across the walls and furnishings, and they immediately make guests feel at home. Select a pair of charming candle lanterns, and mount them on both sides of a work of art or a large framed mirror. You will love the way they look, and when fragrant candles are placed within the holders the scent will waft throughout the home.

Wall Planters for Unique Cottage Style Charm

Flowers play a big role in cottage style decorating, and wall planters are ideal for decorating a foyer with classic cottage charm. Consider selecting a set of wall planters, and fill them with artificial wild white daisies, beautiful periwinkle chicory blooms, baby’s breath, and pink trillium. Change the flowers as the seasons change to keep the look fresh and vibrant. Wall planters are available in many different styles from small wall pockets to larger selections, and they look fantastic when placed next to an entryway mirror or a floral work of art.

Carefully consider the cottage style decor you prefer when decorating your entryway. Cottage style decorating is fun, and with floral displays, candle lanterns, and cottage style furnishings you cannot go wrong. Create a warm and welcoming cottage style foyer to welcome your guests. You will love the look you achieve, and you can do it yourself.