Fragrant Flower Favorites

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Whether you have well-manicured landscaping or a cozy little garden, the lovely perfume of beautiful plants will add another dimension to your landscape. When planning which types of flowers to plant, be sure to consider the variety of perfumes they provide. By putting fragrant plants in containers next to your doorways, on your patio or deck and along your sidewalk, you’ll be able to enjoy their sweet scents every time you walk by. The following fragrant plants are sure to add a picturesque backdrop and a sweet perfume to any area of your yard.


Peony shrubs have shiny dark green foliage that needs to be supported to prevent the blooms from falling. The peony flowers are absolutely stunning and are worth the effort needed to keep them upright. It’s important to be careful when planting these shrubs: place them in an area that gets lots of sun and don't plant them too deep, or else the flowers will not bloom. The ants that gather around these plants are only in search of nectar and will not harm the plants.

Butterfly Bush

A yellow butterfly on a purple butterfly bush.

This sweet plant is sometimes referred to as summer lilac and blooms throughout the season. Available in pink, white, and purple, this hardy shrub needs full sun and can stand low moisture levels. You can also find dwarf versions that require less garden space to grow. They look wonderful tucked in borders or as large plantings.


This perennial has fringed petals and gives off a vanilla-like fragrance. It grows low to the ground and does well as an edging plant or placed in containers. It needs full sun to grow best.


A close-up image of an orange honeysuckle plant.

The honeysuckle is a gorgeous perennial vine that climbs over any fence or trellis. The newest varieties like the Japanese honeysuckle are noninvasive. This vigorous plant likes full sun.

Sweet Alyssum

This exquisite annual makes a statement as it cascade from baskets, boxes, and containers. A delicate display of cascading tiny blooms, the sweet alyssum likes both partial and full sun.


Pink phlox flowers.

Available in a range of pink hues from salmon to purple, phlox plants make beautiful borders or large plantings. Many varieties of this plant will self-seed and return year after year. They need lots of air circulation to prevent mildew from developing on them. Most phlox plants like full sun, but there are a few that will do fine with some shade if the climate is hot.


Rose bushes make impressive statements in any garden. While many mistakenly believe they require a lot of work, in fact, the new varieties are easier than ever to keep. When choosing a rose bush for your yard, be sure to read the tags carefully to confirm it does offer a fragrance since some roses are bred more for their structure than their scent.


A collection of stock flowers in white and purple shades.

Thriving in cool temperatures, this sweet smelling annual is available in shades of purple, pink, and white. Its preference for cool temperatures makes it possible for springtime planting. You can put stock anywhere in your yard that gets sun or partial shade.

Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean spice viburnum is a durable shrub that blooms in spring. It offers beautiful pink blooms with a unique spicy perfume. Find any spot that provides full to partial sun for this fragrant plant.

Flowering Crabapple

Offering an impressive enhancement to your landscape, flowering crabapple trees provide bonus small crabapple fruit. The sweet smelling blooms provide a gorgeous color in the fall, and many of the latest varieties are resistant to disease. This beautiful tree needs full sun to grow well.