Frame Your Mirror with Decorative Molding

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Paint or gloss
Tape or Velcro

Decorative molding can completely change the look of any mirror. Not only does it prep it up, it creates interest in the room where it is hung and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to mold a new mirror or dress up an old one, the end result will be a decorative mirror that stands out as a work of art. 

Follow these steps to frame your mirror with decorative molding.

Step 1: Measure Mirror and Determine Width of Molding

View the mirror and the room it is in to determine the desired width and the type of molding you want to purchase. Moldings of many types are available in hardware stores, ranging from wooden ones in different colors, textures, designs and grains to wrought iron or even ceramic ones. Remember that the width of the molding should complement the mirror and the room.

Use a measuring tape to measure the four sides of the mirror along with the desired width, from the edges to the center.

Step 2: Purchase Molding

Purchase molding from you local hardware or home department store. If purchasing wood, keep in mind that dark woods such as mahogany or redwood look stylish and classic, but they make a room appear dark, while lighter woods like pine liven up the space and make a room appear bright. If choosing colored or textured molding, make sure it goes with the color and theme of the room or bathroom.

Have the store cut the molding to size according to your measurements, or do it yourself if you have a miter box. Sand the sharp edges with sandpaper for a smooth finish if you cut the molding yourself.

Step 3: Cut the Molding

Take a length of wood molding and make two 45-degree cuts at both ends. Each corner angle of a mirror frame is 90-degrees, so by attaching two 45-degree complementary cuts, you will attain the desired result. Repeat the process with all the corners of the four lengths of wood.

Dry fit the frame on a level ground to see if the corners fit, and saw the ends if necessary. Make sure none of the corners overlap each other. Sand away the edges with 200-grit sandpaper to remove any cuts or splinters.

Step 4: Paint the Molding

Use a paintbrush to paint a design or different colored border on your frame to make it more interesting, or a layer of glossy finish to maintain and preserve the natural wood color.

Allow it to dry thoroughly before progressing.

Step 5: Attach Molding

Place newspapers on a flat surface and set the mirror on it. Apply Velcro or double-sided tape on the mirror at the desired width of the molding.

Carefully place the bottom piece of the molding over the mirror, pressing it down firmly so it sets in place. Then install the sides, making sure all corners are flush against one another, and finally progress to the top piece. Press the four sides down one last time, then hang the mirror in its designated spot and enjoy your guests’ compliments.