Framed vs. Frameless Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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Mirror medicine cabinets are both decorative and practical. Mirror medicine cabinets are either framed or frameless. Both serve their purpose as medicine cabinets and have individual appeal. Consider some characteristics of framed and frameless mirror medicine cabinets.

Framed Mirror Medicine Cabinets

Framed mirror medicine cabinets have a frame surrounding the mirror. Frames are made of metal or wood and can be either plain or ornate. Metal frames are usually made from chrome or polished brass to match chrome or polished brass sink faucets and shower fixtures. Wood frames are more up-scale. For a high-end look, consider a wood-framed mirror medicine cabinet.

Frameless Mirror Medicine Cabinets

Frameless mirror medicine cabinets do not have a frame surrounding the mirror. These medicine cabinets range from aesthetically simple to breathtakingly elaborate. Frameless mirror medicine cabinets come in various shapes, such as round, octagonal, oval, and rectangular. You can choose from arched mirror cabinets, beveled mirror cabinets, multi-beveled mirror cabinets, and mirror cabinets with matching light sconces. The options are extensive. Whether you choose a framed mirror medicine cabinet or a frameless mirror medicine cabinet is purely a matter of taste.