Frames: Shadow Boxes

Even though they may seem similar, frames shadow boxes allow for a much greater freedom and a variety in design than normal frames do. Unlike the latter, shadow boxes can encase not only flat materials, but also three-dimensional objects, which makes the possibilities for their use practically limitless. Thus, for example, you can use them to display your medals, cups and other distinctions you have received during the years. Or you can showcase your collections of stamps, tickets, etc. in a neat and orderly fashion.

Creating Miniatures

If you like dioramas, you can also use shadow box frames to create gorgeous miniatures. For example, using everyday objects like cotton yarn, coins and tree twigs, as well as a pinch of imagination, you can make interesting landscapes to hang on the walls of your living room. If you have small children, you can produce sweet nursery scenes for their room using nothing more complicated than a couple of small cuddly toys and some construction paper for background. Or you can try something else with whatever materials (cans, comic strips, badges, anything) you have available. There are virtually no boundaries to your creativity, regardless of how modest your resources may be.

But you don’t have to do this on your own. Instead, you can involve your entire family in the creation of the shadow box, thus making it a wonderful occasion to get together and share some great fun.

Creating a Shadow Box

Making a shadow box is actually quite an easy procedure. All you will need is a backboard, some batting, four wooden pieces to give dimension to your box, a frame with glass, which you can purchase or make on your own, and, of course, the objects you will be displaying. Once you have procured these, take the backboard, line it with the batting (it’s best to use batting covered with felt, decorative paper or fabric) and attach your keepsakes. Use Velcro strips, spray adhesive or, if the items permit, small pins. Then apply a really strong glue to fix the wooden pieces to the sides of the backboard and wait for the glue to cure. Instead of wood, you can use foam strips to give depth to your box. These you can either hot-glue or pin to the backboard. Once the sides of the box are firmly attached to the bottom, you need to put the frame on top and you are all set. Yet, it is that simple. 

Enclosing Memorabilia in a Shadow Box

But a shadow box is not just easy to make – it also provides good protection for your collectables. For by putting your collectables in a shadow box, you do much more than showcase them in a homely and accessible manner – you also guard them from gathering dust and prevent their inadvertent breaking. Indeed, by having your memorabilia enclosed in a shadow box, you will be able to enjoy them in their current state, unaffected by age and the elements, much longer than if you shelve or hang them on the wall.

It is because of all these qualities – great versatility, easy assembly, safety, etc. – that shadow boxes are becoming these days the preferred decoration for more and more American households.